Britt Nicole

Stand Keyboard

Britt Nicole

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by aleffederico

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Verse 1:

E                       C#m 
I wake up to another day, I don't know if I can face  
A                      B          A 
All the fears that are staring me down 
    E                     C#m 
Yeah I'm trying to be brave but I'm a thread about to fray. 
A                     B          A 
I want to stand but I don't know how. 
       E A     B     A          E  A  B      A 
I look up and all I see is Your love holding me 

E B When I feel like giving up when my heart is hurt too much; C#m A feels like I reached the end E B C#m A No I won't turn and run. This battle will be won. When I've done all I can C#m B A C#m B A I stand, stand, stand. I stand, stand, stand.
Verse 2: E C#m Some days I lose my place; it's a fight to keep my faith. A B A But You are with me I am not alone, no E C#m When all around my world gives way, tossed like an ocean wave, A B A You are my rock when the storm clouds blow. E A B A E A B A I look up and all I see is Your love holding me (chorus) (bridge) E A On Your promise I will stand, all other ground is sinking sand (repeat) (chorus)

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