Bon Iver


Bon Iver

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Written by Justin Vernon

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Verse 1:

C Em Down along the creek G C I remember something C Em Em7 I heard the heron hurried away C Em Em7 G When first I'd preached, that last Sunday

Verse 2:

C Em No moon down the yellow road G C I remember something C Believing wasn't easy Em Em7 All that heaving in my vines C Em Em7 And as certain it is evening it is now it's not the Time G Ooh

Verse 3:

C Em Toiling with your blood G C I remember something C Em Em7 And be a lesson; kissing on the nights second to last C Found in both your hands Em Em7 As second sun can't pass the glance C And oh, I know it felt right Em G And I had you in my grasp

Verse 4:

C Em Oh, then how we gonna cry Em C Cause it once might not mean something C Love, a second glance Em Em7 It is not something that we need C Em Em7 Honey, understand that I have been left here in the reeds C Em G But all I'm trying to do is get my feet out from the creeks
Final C And I see you Em G Turn around, you're my A-Team C Em G Turn around now, you're my A-Team C Em God damn, turn around now G You're my A-Team

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