Bobby Hebb

Love Me

Bobby Hebb

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Love Me

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Intro: B Em 

Em G A Love me, that's all I want you to do. B Em Just as long, as your love for me is true. Gm7 A Want me, baby, just like a baby boy wants a toy. A B I'll be your pride and joy, come on, baby, Em and love me.
#1. A C Am D G Mmmmmm, need me, ohhh, just like I need you. Am B It ain't hard to do, as long as you, really, Em really love me. Bridge: C Fm Ab Bb Come on, love me, no matter if I'm up or down. Bb C No greater love can be found, come on, darling, Fm shucks, and love me. #2. Fm Ab Bb Just want me, want me with all your heart and soul. Bb C Our love will never grow old, baby, not if you Fm Cm F really want me. Db Bbm Eb Ab Birds will sing, the sun is gonna shine, don't Bbm C you know, happiness, we'll find, ohhh, when you Fm Db///// say you are mine.
Gbm A B Love me, ohhh, that's all I want you to do, Bm Db Gbm just as long as your love for me is true, ooo, baby.
OUTRO: Gbm B Well, I want you to love me, baby. Gbm A Gbm Come on and love me, wrap your arms around me, B around me. Am Gbm B Gbm Come on, baby, squeeze me, tease me, please me, B baby..squeeze me, yeah, baby..(Fade.)

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