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Blink 182

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Rick%5FDeLonge

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13 Miles

  		INTRO: G5 D5 C5 (2x) 
 G5             D5               C5 
  13 miles down the road lives a young boy 
 G5                        D5               C5        
  hes got jet black hair and blue green eyes and his mine 
 G5                            D5              C5 
  and every now and then he and i will sit together on the porch 
 G5                       D5                      C5 
  and i take off his pants and i fuck him from behind 
 G5               D5               C5 
  and i love him for his mind and soul 
 G5              D5                C5 
  and i love his wrinkled scrotum too. 
 G5                D5             C5 
  so if you see us passing by on some dreary rainy day 
  G5                  D5                 C5           G5     
   take a look at the young boy and his naked... ass-hole  


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