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Reckless Keyboard

Bernard Fanning

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by tarikike

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  C#m       B                  A 
     Only a fool would step away from it 
         C#m     B            A       D 
     The song so sweet on the siren's lips  
     C#m            B               A       E 
     How do you lie straight with a viper's tongue? 

There's a little run after 'tongue' which is the same as the last five notes in the intro 

For the lines with A E/G# F#m and E they are picked, shown just below  

  A           E/G#        F#m     E               
     I'm at a loss to explain 
  A           E/G#     F#m         E 
     Just how easy you found me to replace 
  C#m             B              A            E 
     Now that the naked truth is out on display 


                      B             C#m   
     Could you explain, why did you gravitate? 
   A                   E 
     Was something about to break? 
   B               C#m        
     Take what you need to take 
   A             E 
     Just silently walk away 
   A               E            B 
     How could you be so reckless? 
                       A              E            B 
     Could you explain, how could you be so reckless? 

The second verse and Chorus are pretty much the same as the first 

| h  Hammer-on 
| p  Pull-off 
| /  Slide up 


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