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by cesargdiniz

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Amen omen

Year: 2003 - Album: Diamonds on the Inside

  		Intro: Am, F, C, G 

   Am                F 
What started as a whisper 
    C              G 
Slowly Turned   into a scream 
    Am            F 
Searching for an answer 
      C                 G 
Where the question is unseen 
      Am                   F 
I don’t know where you came from 
         C                 G 
And I don’t know where you’ve gone 
    Am                  F 
Old Friends become old strangers 
              C                G 
Between the Darkness and the Dawn 
F C Amen Omen G Am Will I see your face again F C Amen Omen G Am Can I find the place within F C G Bb F G# Bb To live my life without you
Versos 2: Igual à 1ª parte I still hear you saying All of life is a Chance And is the sweetest When at a glance But I live a hundred Lifetimes in a day But I die a little In every breath that I take Refrão Versos 3: Igual aos anteriores I listen to a whisper Slowly drift away Silence is the loudest Parting word you never say I put your world Into my veins Now a voiceless sympathy Is all that remains Refrão

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