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Year: 1967 - Album: Bee Gees' 1st

(Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb)

Key:  D More
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	(pipe organ and harp):

	D        A        Am
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /


	Am                    /G
	Ooh, you're a holiday
	F            Am
	  Such a holiday
	Am                    /G
	Ooh, you're a holiday
	F            Am       G
	  Such a holiday

Chorus 1:

	      C                         G
	It's something I think's worthwhile
	        Am               Em
	If the puppet makes you smile
	    F                          C
	If not, then you're throwing stones
	           G      G7        C
	Throwing stones, throwing stones

Verse 2:

	Ooh, it's a funny game
	Don't believe that it's all the same
	Can't think what I've just said
	Put a soft pillow on my head

Chorus 2:

	(3: Yet) Millions of eyes can see
	Yet why am I so blind
	When the someone else is me
	It's unkind, it's unkind

repeat verse w/wordless vocal (dee-dee-dee-dee) and snare drum

repeat chorus 2

Verse 3:

	Ooh, you're a holiday, every day
	Such a holiday
	Now it's my turn to say
	And I say you're a holiday

repeat chorus 1

repeat verse w/wordless vocal and snare drum; end cold on second F

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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