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Glass House

Bee Gees

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Glass House

Year: 2006 - Album: Ultimate Collection

Intro: Bm (4x) 

verse 1: 

Bm                 F#      Bm        F#        Bm   G     F# 
Glass house, that once was mine, the sun will shine in on me 
Bm     F#        Bm        F#          Bm       G      F# 
You, change your mind, you weren't the kind to live on me 

B E B F# B E B F# I remember yesterday, turn my tears to laughter B E B F# B E B E Then you left and like a stray, I came running after
Interlude: (Same chords as intro + verse) Chorus: B E B F# B E B F# I remember you at night, pine trees softly swaying B E B F# B E B E I remember all the words you were softly saying verse 2: Bm (4x) Bm F# Bm F# Bm G F# Glass house upon the hill, so big and still, the shady lane Bm F# Bm F# Bm It's ours, my love, until the day we say... F#7 B auf wiedersehen Fade Out: Same as verse

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