Barbara Dickson

The Rigs O Rye

Barbara Dickson

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The Rigs O Rye


Intro: C  

verse 1 
                   C7 F 
'Twas in the month o' sweet July 
  C                F           G 
Before the sun had pierced the sky 
      Em   C7        F       C 
'Twas in between the rigs o' rye 
     C7          F        G  C 
That I heard twa lovers a-talkin' 

verse 2 
                    C7 F 
The lad said, "Lass I  must away 
  C              F       G 
I have no longer time to stay 
        Em       C       F      C 
Ah, but I've got word or two to say 
 C7 F                  G  C 
If  you've the time to tarry" 

verse 3 
                        C7 F 
"Your father loves you, he takes great care 
     C                      F      G 
Your mother combs down your yellow hair 
         Em          C7         F       C 
But your sisters say that ye'll get nae share 
   C7          F     G    C 
If ye gang wi' me, a stranger" 

verse 4 
                    C7     F 
"Let my father fret and my mother curse 
   C                F     G 
My sisters' words I do disown 
       Em        C7         F       C 
For if they were deid and below the ground 
        C7       F     G    C 
I would gang wi' ye, a stranger" 

verse 5  
                         C7      F 
It's then she chanced to see his linen fine 
     C                      F          G 
He's dried her tears and he kissed her syne 
        Em      C7         F        C 
Sayin' "Lassie, lassie, ye shall be mine 
  C7      F      G   C 
I said it all to try thee" 

verse 6
                   C7 F 
This laddie being of  courage bold 
  C                F          G 
A lad scarcely nineteen years old 
     Em         C7            F       C 
He's ranged the hills and the valleys o'er 
         C7        F      G   C 
And he's ta'en his lassie wi' him 

verse 7
                 C7  F 
This couple they got married noo 
    C                  F       G 
And they hae bairnies, one and two 
     Em      C7          F      C 
They live at Brechin the winter through 
C7         F           G  C 
And in Montrose in the summer 

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