Barbara Dickson

Somethings Wrong

Barbara Dickson

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Somethings Wrong

Intro: Em  Am  D  G   Em  Am  D 
verse 1: 
Something's wrong, that restless feeling's been 
Am      D7      G 
Praying on your mind 
Roadmaps in a well-packed ceiling 
    Am           D7      G 
The signs aren't hard to find 

verse 2: 
    C       F#7                Bm          E7 
Now I'm not saying that you've been mistreated 
    Am        D            G 
And no one's hurt you, nothing's wrong 
  C        F#7      Bm       E7 
A moment's rest was all you needed 
   Am        G          C      D     G 
So pack your things and kindly move along_____ 

     Em          Am 
Like dust in the wind 
       D       G 
You're gone forever 
     Em        Am 
Like windblown leaves 
You're a change in the weather 

verse 3: 
Just our town, like any other 
  Am     D7        G 
A second brand new start 
It's not our fault and want for loving, no 
Am        D7        G 
You won't break her heart 

verse 4: 
C         F#7       Bm                E7           Am 
Take some bacon, go on and leave your watch-chain 
          D            G 
She won't count on nothing more 
C         F#7    Bm         E7 
Wrap your hands around that smoked cheese 
    Am  G   C        D       G 
And tip-toe barefoot out the door_____ 

INTERLUDE: Em  Am  D  G   Em  Am  D 

Verse 5: 
Yes, something's wrong, that restless feeling's been 
Am      D7    G 
Playing on my mind 
When things get bad, I'm bound to pack my bags and just 
Am    G    C     D  G     E7 
Leave them all___ behind_______ 
Am    G    C     D  G     E      Am  G  C   D   Gmaj7 
Leave them all___ behind_______ 

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