Barbara Dickson

Lovely Joan

Barbara Dickson

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Lovely Joan


Intro: D 

verse 1: 
  C          G      D 
A fine young man it was indeed 
   C                G          D 
He mounted upon his milk white steed 
   C        G        D         G 
He rode, he rode, himself all alone 
  C      G       D 
Until he came to Lovely Joan 

verse 2: 
      C       G      D 
"Good morning to you my pretty maid" 
     C                   G        D 
And "Twice good morning, sir" she said 
   C              G         D             G 
He tipped her the wink, she rolled a dark eye 
     C        G              D 
Said he to himself, "I'll be there by and by" 

verse 3: 
     C         G           D 
"Oh, don't you think these pooks of hay 
  C      G               D 
A pretty place for us to play 
   C         G     D           G 
So come with me my sweet young thing 
    C         G             D 
And I'll give you my golden ring" 

verse 4: 
     C         G               D 
Then he pulled off his ring of gold 
    C                          G      D 
"My pretty little miss, do you this behold 
     C      G                D     G 
I'll freely give it for your maidenhead" 
    C           G                D 
Her cheeks they blushed like the roses red 

Instrumental: C  G  D   C   G  D  C  G  D  G  C  G  D 

      C       G      D 
"Give me that ring into my hand 
    C              G        D 
And I will neither stay nor stand 
    C          G       D       G 
For this would do more good to me 
     C      G     D 
Than twenty maidenheads" said she 

    C     G            D 
And as he made for the pooks of hay 
    C                       G     D 
She leaped on his horse and tore away 
   C          G              D          G 
He called, he called, but it was all in vain 
    C         G            D 
For Joan, she never looked back again 

    C       G        D 
Nor did she think herself quite safe 
C                        G            D 
Not till she came to her true lover's gate 
      C          G      D         G 
She's robbed him of his horse and ring 
    C           G           D 
And left him to rage in the meadows green 

OUTRO: C  G  D   C   G  D  C  G  D  G  C  G  D 

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