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The intro is just drumming 
C	  Asus4	Am 
I don't know your name  
C	    Asus4	     Am 
But you're my favorite flavour  
C	   Asus4	 Am 
Sing the songs the same  
G				   Am			 
And you, you just waste my time  
C		Asus4		Am 
You play it so nice and proud  
C		  Asus4 Am 
Sounds like a radio station  
C	  Asus4	Am 
Play it twice as loud  
G			    Am 
And I, I won't use my mind  
Am C Am C Cos you're so special to me right now Am G Am You're the reason I come around Am C Am C You're so special to me right now Am G Am You're the reason I come around
VERSE: C Asus4 Am Now I don't know your face C Asus4 Am But it's my favorite label C Asus4 Am When I pay to see you play G Am I just lose my mind C Asus4 Am You do it like a mantra C Asus4 Am You just lie back and fake it C Asus4 Am This is so very lame G Am Hey, don't you use your minds

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