Amy Grant

Where Do I Go?

Amy Grant

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Where Do I Go?

E A B Where do I go when I need a shelter E A C#m B Where do I go when I need a friend E A B Where do I go when I need some helping E A C#m B E Where do I go back on my knees a-gain
First verse: B A Ask me this question I tell you no lies B A How did I get this fire in my life B A All is not certain but I will get by F#m B Listen I will tell you why Repeat Chorus: Second verse: B A Sure as the winter comes after the fall B A Sure as true love tears down any wall B A Oh, my Jesus is able to carry it all F#m B He will answer are call Repeat Chorus: "Where do I go" Songs from the Loft words and music by Amy Grant Transcribed by Shane LaFever and Matt Malone ([email protected])

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