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by leuri

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Kings and Queens

Year: 1990 - Album: Aerosmith's Greatest Hits

  		 A    G     D 
Long ago in days untold, 
 G      A       F 
Were ruled by lords of greed. 
 A      G         D        G 
Maidens fared, with gold they dared 
 A       G       D     A  G 
To bare they womens that bleed. 

A     G        D    G 
Kings and queens and guillotines 
A       G     F 
Taking lives denied 
A       G       D      A      
Starch and parchment laid the laws 
A          G       F 
When bishops took the ride, 
G  G#   A    C 
only to decieve. 

E  A  E   A 
Oh I know I 
A      G        F 
Lived this live afore 
A      G      D  
Somehow I know now 
A     G         F             
Truths, I must be sure. 

A               G          D 
Tossin', turnin', nightmares burnin' 
A        G       F 
Dreams of swords in hand. 
E         A      E       A 
Sailing ships, the viking spits 
A       G       F 
The blood of father's land, 
G  G# A    C 
Only to decieve    A A G C C G A 

A           G         C 
Living times of knights and mares, 
  A        G            B 
Raising swords for maidens fair, 
 A            E            C 
Sneer at death, fear only loss of pride. 

A         G    C   A  
Living other centuries, 
A   G     B   A   D   A   G 
Deja vu or weath you please 
A      G     B     A    G   A 
Follows true to all who do or die. 

A  G      A# 
Screams of no reply... 
A    B             
They died... 

A      G       A# 
Screams of no reply... 
A    C# 
And die... 

Lordly, lordly, they died. 


A    G       A 
Let them do or die.. 
A    G     A        F 
Let them no reply... 


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