Across the Sky

Broken World

Across the Sky

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Broken World

	  		E11/A      C#sus9/7
Promises shattered 
               E11/A   C#sus9/7  
Answers don't come  
E11/A           C#sus9/7  
Friends say goodbye 
Plans come undone 
Dreams get crushed 
Lies get told 
Words can turn cruel 
A/B             B5  
Hearts can grow cold 
    E                    A5  
In a broken world where we cry to feel 
C#m                          A5        B5  
Some hope that helps these hearts to heal 
             E                   A5  
You're my strength, You're my refuge 
       F#m           A5        B5         E  
In a broken world, Jesus I'm holding to You 
A5       C#m          A5        B5  
E11/A                   C#sus9/7  
You make sense of the madness 
                         E11/A   C#sus9/7
And You make darkness flee  
E11/A              C#sus9/7  
You bring such a calm 
                 E11/A   C#sus9/7  
To the chaos in me  
Show me life 
Tell me truth 
 G                     A/B       B5  
Day after day I keep running to You 
      C       G/B      A5  
Long ago, we fell so far 
         C        G/B     B5  
Yet You came to where we are

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