Young The Giant


Young The Giant

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C  Em  Am  F (2x) 

verse 1 
F     C       G 
Crawl back to life 
It's been far too long 
C      G 
Round interstellar moons 
C        G 
Speed of light 
Into your atmosphere 
       C          G 
What's your world like? 
                F     Em    G 
Is the house we built still here? 

Girl you know... 

C When the beat of my drum Em Meets the beat of your heart Am You'll know I couldn't love F Any other Any other C This is where I come from Em This is where I belong Am With the beat of your drum F Not any other
verse 2 F C G Fall through the sky F Little specks below C G Magnify F The further down I go C G I feel it in my bones F Can you feel it too? C G Is this the world I've known? F Em G Is the house we built still here? F Em G Is the human race sincere? Chorus Bridge F Em G Feel the force of time F Weighing down my mind Em G Tears you've cried F Screaming at the sky Em G Come outside F Dm G The rays are shining br - i - ght Interlude C Em Am F C Em Am F C Not any o - ther! Em Am F Feels like home! C Em Am F Where I belong! Final Chorus Outro Chords F C G

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