Hamar Town


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Hamar Town

C     G 
Okay, it's council meeting day 
C           G 
Deep breath, what will the others say? 
G7        G7                         C 
When I present my new idea before the council 
C     G 
Okay, just five more minutes now 
C                   G 
"Hello, I'm Geir!", no they already know 
G7                      F              G7                    C 
Just say what's on your mind, show the drawing and you'll be fine 

F G7 'Cause there's one thing we've been missing G C in this town for far too long G7 G7 C A place to dive for people who like diving, oh F G7 I swear I'm going to make this town G C A brand new diving board F F It will be beautiful, fantastical, affordable and magical G7 C for Hamar town
Verse D A Right here, can you see it too? D A A nice board, I'm thinking grey and blue A7 G Will it be expensive? No! A7 G Will it be secure? Of course! D A Convinced. That's how I feel right now. D A Convinced. We'll find the cash somehow. A7 G Unanimous on three. One, two, three! A7 G You can always count on me overlapping G A We'll help you build a diving board G7 Diving board!
D A Lets, lets build a diving board (I'm gonna build something great) D A Hamar will get a diving board (A brand new diving board) A7 A7 A7 We have the council power to build the most (And I swear it's gonna be) G G G Fantastical, sensational, phenomenal, traditional and most likely affordable A D A diving board for Hamar Town! D How hard can it be?

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