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verse 1: 

F                             Dm 
I broke my bones playing games with you 
F                         Dm 
This type of fun it makes me blue 


       Dm                   F 
Oh I I think I'm into you 
How much do you want me to 
What are you prepared to do 
I think I'm gonna make it worse 
I talk to you but it don't work 
I touch you but it starts to hurt 
What have I been doing wrong 
Tell me what it is you want 
Tell me what it is you want 
Tell me what it is you 

A# Oh I think that F C If I had been enough for you Dm A# F C Dm A# Would I be better would I be good F C And I'll do you what you like If you stay the night Dm A# F C You tell me you don't think you should Dm A# F C You're doing fine but love I will let you go Dm A# love I will let you go F C love I will let you go Dm A# love I will let you go F C Dm A# F C Dm A# Oh it's enough to be better If I could
verse 2: F Dm I itch all night I itch for you F Dm You're just my type what's a boy to do Bridge Chorus

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