Nobodys Diary


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by  CCLI4D

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Nobodys Diary

	  		The chords are right but get the timing from the song. 


Bm, D, A, A, Bm, D, A, A  

Bm D A Bm D E  
If I  wait for just a second  more,  I know I'll  forget what I came here  for  
A    B  
My head was so full of  things to say,   
D E D A  
But as I  open my lips all my words slip a way aaah  aaah and a nyway,   

Bm D A Bm D E  
I can't  believe you want to turn the  page,  and move your  life onto another  stage,   
A B  
You can change the chapter you can  change the book,   
D E D A  
But the  story remains the same if you'd take a  look.  Aaaah Aaaah     Aaaaah   

  Bm D A  
  For the times we've  had I don't want to  be - a page in your diary babe,   

  Bm D A  
  For the good, the  bad I don't want to  see - a page in your diary babe,   
  Bm D E D A  
  For the happy, the  sad - I don't want to  be - Another page  in your dia ry.   

Bm D A Bm D E  
Perhaps if I  held you I could win  again,  I could take your  hands we'd talk and maybe  then   
A   B  
That look in your eyes I always  recognise,   
D E D A  
would  tell me everything is gonna be  fine, you're gonna be  mine... For a very long  time...   


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