Write This Down

Minnesota Interlude

Write This Down

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Minnesota Interlude

	  		Intro (F,C,Dm,Bb) 

verse 1 
F                          C 
It's another iced kind of day 
Minnesota's gonna freeze my dreams away. 
Sittin' on the freeway wondering if I'm ever gonna get back. 
F                           C 
Taking one step through the door, 
The tension's gonna rip our skin and bones apart. 
Lookin' for a fast fight stirring up the dead of winter. 


    F                 Gm                   Dm                   
And no, this is not a show, it's not everything you think you know. 
I'm depleted, and without the answers. 
    F                Gm                      Dm 
And I, I won't compromise, I won't say that everything's alright 
When I'm broken and without direction 

Chorus (2x) 

   F                         Gm 
So why don't you and I, just forget about the time. 
    Bb                                F 
And sit back down and think about the here and now. 

Outro (Same as intro) 

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