White Unicorn


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White Unicorn

	  		D         C           G A D 
Have You been to the carnival 
D        C       G   A    D 
I would like to see you 
D           C          G  A    D 
There's a whole lotta people there 
D          C      G  A   D 
Who would like to be you 
D          C    G A D 
With the white unicorn 
D   C       G A D 
Across her Shoulders 
D           C         G    A         D 
Makes you think that she might have been 
D    C        G A 
Someone who's older..Ia 

C D F C D I know what's on your mind C D F C D We've been drinkin' all the whine C D F C D That we drank from the seventh shrine C D F C D And now we love in a different time G We could live together G We could live together
(Repeat same chords through song)

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