Within Temptation

Covered By Roses

Within Temptation

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Covered By Roses

	  		Intro:   Em   D A   (5x) 
         C   D   Em   D A   

   Em                       D     A 
I feel my heart explode to particles 
Em                         D        A 
Love is always here and I told you so 
Em                        D          A 
Restless in dreams, love carved in stone 
       C                    D                    Em     D     A 
This rhapsody of life in a way, I guess we all know it 

Em                              D         A 
Hand in hand we stand while we watch it flow 
Em                          D        A 
Heaven can you help us, no we can't go 
  C      D 
Whoooa whooa 

Em Bm Covered by roses, when this dance is over C G Bm We all know our beauty will die Em Bm The choirs have awoken, left no words unspoken C G Bm Remember you as long as I can C D Hold you in my arms all night Em Bm And spill the wine until the end C D We all have our place in time Em D Need to live every moment
Em D A (2x) Em D A We built our castles high, turned our dreams to gold Em D A We took the blows with pride, went through it all Em D A The dawn is closing in, new tales are told C D Em D A This rhapsody of life in a way, I guess we all know
Am G Em D For all we are is falling stars in the night Am Em D A blinding light raging down from the sky Am G Em D The rise and fall, the rhapsody of our lives C D Em It's all we already know, we've got to let go
Repeat Em Em D A She dwells with beauty, beauty that must die Em D A And joy, whose hand is ever at his lips Em D A His soul shall taste the sadness of her might C D Em And be among her clouded trophies hung Chorus Solo: Em Bm C G Bm (2x) Outro: Em D A (3x) C D Em

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chords Within Temptation - Covered By Roses
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