William Fitzsimmons


William Fitzsimmons

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1 - Start G Am F D#--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B-------------0-------------0------------------------0----------------------------------| F#-------0------0---0-------------2----0------0-------------------0------0---0----------| C#-----0---0------0-------2-----2----2------5------5------5-----5------5---5------------| G#----------------------0-----0------------------3------3------------3------------------| E----2-------------------------------------0------------------0-------------------------| 2 - Later (after first Chorus) G Am F D#------------------------------0---------------------------------------------------------| B-------------0-------------0h2---2-0---0--------------0----------------------------------| F#-------0------0---0-----------------0--------0-----------------0------------------------| C#-----0---0------0-------2------------------5------5------5----------3----2---0----------| G#----------------------0-------------------------3------3----------3----3---3------------| E----2-------------------------------------0-------------------0--------------------------|
G Am F Oh my God it's over G Am F Smiling devil on my shoulder G Am F Cut the cord for the leaving G Am F Fatherless for a season G Am F G Am F How we break long division G Am F I will miss all her children G Am F Fall from grace and your favor G Am F From now on just a stranger G Am F But you took your breath from me G Am F You took your breath from me (strummed from here on) G Am F Cast my bones to the casket G Am F Tell her how long it lasted G Am F Hold a place in the mortar G Am F Lay her down here my daughter G Am F Root her seed to another G Am F I was her native mother G Am F Never thought I could save her G Am F Please remind her I made her G Am F You took your breath from me G Am F You took your breath from me

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