William Clark Green

Its About Time

William Clark Green

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Its About Time


verse 1 
G    D/F#  Em7                    G 
It's about time, I see it in your eyes  
          Dsus                        C9 
I don't believe you when you start to cry  
     D/F#  Em7                  G 
It's about time, that everybody knows  
         Dsus             C9 
We ain't together, baby, anymore  
G    D/F#  Em7         G                      Dsus 
It's about time, and I hope I don't cross the line  

C9 G It's about time that I broke somebody's heart C9 G They've been breaking all of mine from the very start C9 G Dsus She gave me all she had, wasn't what I wanted to find C9 G It's about time that I go out every night C9 G Drinking 'cause I want to, not because she lost her mind C9 G Dsus Spending all my money, down to my last dime D/F# Em7 G C9 It's about time
verse 2 It's about time, I ain't coming back I can hear you now just a talking your trash It's about time, you need to let go Take a deep breath baby nice and slow Chorus Bridge D G C9 Yeah you say I'll be back someday, but I think you're wrong D Em7 G D You can bet that I don't regret moving on, I'm moving on Chorus Outro G D/F# Em7 G C9 G D/F# Em7 It's about time Tabs:
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From "it's about time" at the 0:20 mark (play the C shape on the 5th fret for that final D part) e|--------------------------------------0~~-------| B|------8---7---5~~--5-3~~--------5p3---3~~-------| G|------------------------------------0-0~~-------| D|--7>9---7---5~~--------------4--------4~~-------| A|-------------------------4h5----------5~~-------| E|------------------------------------------------| At "to find" and "last dime" in the Chorus e|----------------------| B|---3~~---7---5---3----| G|----------------------| D|--4~~-4>7---5---4-----| A|----------------------| E|----------------------| Post Chorus 1 e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---3~~~~-----3--------------------------------------------------------| G|---2b~~~-2/4---4~~--4br------2br--------------------------------------| D|------------------------5~~------2~~~---------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------| Post Chorus 2 and solo (there are a lot of bends, holds, and releases here) e|--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12~~~~--------------------------------------| B|--15b-15b-15b-15b-15b-15b-15b-15br15-12-15~~------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------14br14-12-14br14-12----------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------14-14~~--| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|----------------------------------12~~12-------15b----12------------------| B|----------------------------------15b~~--15-12-----15----12-15b--------15-| G|-----------------------12~~-------------------------------------14b-12----| D|--12-------------12h14-----14~~-------------------------------------------| A|-----12-10-12h14----------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-------------15b-14b-12b-10~~~-------------------------| B|-----15b-----------------------------------------------| G|--12------12-------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------|
If you have any input or corrections, hit me up on Twitter and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!

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