Widespread Panic


Widespread Panic

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	  		In the key of E             listen for these parts 
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|-------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------3-5^-5-3-5^----| |---1-2-1--------2-1-2/4-4/2-2/1-2/1--------------------| |--2-----2-0----0---------------------------------------| |------------0-2----------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------|
verse 1: E Bm They say turn the bright lights on A E (w/ a hammer-on at 2nd fret G) And there you'll find the truth E Bm Here, open up this book A E (same hammer) And now you'll find the proof E Bm It feels like a can of worms A Keep the lid on tight, and they say Chorus: E D C#m G Don't let it get too bright (x3) E D C#m D E No not this time
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|---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| |-5/4-4-4-4/5-5/4-3/2-2-2/3-3/4-4-| |---------------------------------| |---------------------------------| D C |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| |-----------7--------------------| |-5/4-4-4/5--4-3/2-2-2/3-4-5/4-4-| |--------------------------------| |--------------------------------| D C D |---------------| |---------------| |------------4--| |--3/2-2-4-5----| |---------------| |---------------| C D E
verse 2: E. Bm They tell me it takes sorrow, boy A E To help you feel the joy They say it takes poverty To let you love a toy Now you can't have the good Until you've shared the bad Chorus: Don't let it get too sad (x3) No, not this time, time Back to D-C play. but this time Houser kicks on Distortion towards the end of that part, and the chords go from G-C listen and you'll see. verse 3: They say it takes hardship, boy To let you love the rest Sometimes underneath the load Is where I show my best Go, put your work clothes on Go and leave your mark And they say Chorus: Don't let it get too dark (x3) No, not this time
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D to C one time, then the happy section |---------------------| |----1--1--1-----2----| |---2--0--0-----3-----|xhowevermuchyouwannaplayit |--3--2--0-----0------| |-------------0-------| |-----------3---------| the solo for this part: |-------------------------------| |--6-6-/8-8-5-6-5---5-5-6-5-3---| |----------------5-5------------| repeat this too, |-------------------------------| I forget a little part, |-------------------------------| what can you do? |-------------------------------|
then go back to the distortion G-C part
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with this little lick: |----10----10----10----10---| |-10^12-10^12-10^12-10^12---|
There's a little more to this too, but I don't have the ole lute with me. Whew, lots of parts, but hopefully you can figure it out. Have fun!

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