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Lets Shake Hands Chords

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Lets Shake Hands


Intro: E   G A   (x4)  

verse 1:  

E         G     A   
Oh, let's shake hands 
A                     E      
Ohh baby, let's shake hands 
Well there's something here in the air jump up and let me know when you're there 
                  E       G A        E    G A 
Baby, let's shake hands 

verse 2:  

E         G   A 
Oh, let's be friends 
A                  E 
Ohh baby, let's be friends 
I can't come up with a better plan put your fingers in my hand 
                E      G A      
Baby, let's be friends 

(Guitar Solo)  


B B C B   B B C B  B B C B   E   G   A  

verse 3:  

E       G  A 
Oh, say my name 
A                E 
Ohh baby, say my name 
Well you can do what you wanna do throw it in a garbage can  
                E    G A     E   G A  
But just say my name     yeah 



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