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Hotel Yorba Chords

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Hotel Yorba

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e|-3----------------------3-- B|-0----------------------0-- G|-0----------------------0-- D|-0------0------0-----0--0-- A|-2--0h2----0h2---0h2----2-- E|-3----------------------3--
G I was watching C With one eye on the other side D I had fifteen people telling me to move G I got moving on my mind I found shelter C In some thoughts turning wheels around D I said thirty-nine times that I love you G To the beauty I had found
G Well, it?s one, two, three, four Take the elevator C At the Hotel Yorba D I?ll be glad to see you later G F5 G All they got inside is vacancy
G C D G G I?ve been thinking C Of a little place down by the lake D They got a dirty old road leading up to the house G I wonder how long it will take til we?re alone C Sitting on the front porch of that home D Stomping our feet on the wooden boards G Never gotta worry about locking the door Refrão (G C D G) ?let ring? (G) It might sound silly (C) For me to think childish thoughts like these (D) But I?m so tired of acting tough (G) And I?m gonna do what I please G Let?s get married C In a big cathedral by a priest D ?Cause if I?m the man that you love the most G You can say ?I do? at least Refrão G And it?s four, five, six, seven Grab your umbrella C And then hold of me cause D I?m your favorite fella G C G D G All they got inside is vacancy

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