Weeping Willows

You're Everywhere

Weeping Willows

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You're Everywhere


Intro:  C     

  C         Am             C 
why did i refuse to understand 
       C                 Am               Em   G 
that things don't always go they way we plan 
F                       Em                 Dm 
 i've seen the seasons change , i felt the warm breeze 
  (F)               G                                     
before the autumn rain 

        autumn wings were sweet when you were away 
        there was nothing i could do or say 
        but i should have gotten down on my knees       
        and asked you to stay 

                        C                      Em 
                God i know now that i need you here 
                         Am                     Em 
                i'd give everything to have you near 
                              F          G      C 
                since you've gone you're everywhere 


C                   Am           C               
 Just like a butterfly during spring 
C             Am               Em     G  
 so eager to try its brand new wings 
   F                 Em             Dm 
towards the clearer skies you just took off 
     F             G 
without a sad goodbye 


F               G                          C 
 i've had that notion that you'd leave me hanging on 
F            G                  C 
 i guess i took you for granted all along 
F              G              Am 
 i see you through my lonely tears 
               F                Fm 
 since you've gone you're everywhere 

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