Webb Pierce

Back Street Affair

Webb Pierce

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Back Street Affair

	  		G                                      C                 G 
You didn't know I wasn't free when you fell in love with me 

                        D7                   G 
And with all your young heart you learned to care 

G                                               C               D7 
It brought you shame and disgrace the world has tumbled in your face 

           G               D7          G 
Cause they call our love a back street affair 

G                                  C                   G 
They say you wrecked my home I'm a husband that's gone wrong 
                           D7                G 
They don't know the sorrow that we've had to bear 

G                                     C             D7 
For the one that I'm tied to  was the first to be untrue 

         G               D7          G 
Yes they call our love a back street affair 

G                                      C          G 
We have each other now that's all that matters anyhow 

                   D7             G 
Oh the judgment of gossip's never fair 

G                                       C                       D7 
We'll just be brave and strong then someday they'll see they're wrong 

       G                    D7          G 
So let them call our love a back street affair 

G                                          C            G 
We'll be free to love someday when all the talk is died away 

                        D7                   G 
And the happiness we've hoped for then we'll share 

G                              C                      D7 
I'll climb a mountain high and the world will hear me cry 

         G             D7          G 
That our love is not a back street affair 

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