Singers No Star


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Singers No Star

	  		Intro: D C Bm G (x2) 

verse 1: 
D                C 
  Mostly all the time 
           Bm G 
will go to you 
D               C 
  Coming up for air 
for all the people 
G  D 
who Recognize the 
C             Bm 
sadness in a stranger 
     G       D   C Bm G 
with less to lose 

D C Bm G 

Bm G We get comfortable D with our detachment A to our oldest friends Bm And you got me here G where I'm left alone D I'm not the only A thing you ever left
Post-Chorus: D C Bm G (x2) verse 2: D C If I were to spoil Bm G D a victory Or accept C all of your trust Bm and praise in spite G D of me Will you recognize the C failure in my Bm G D C Bm G voice before I leave? D C Bm G
Bm G We sit on a crowded ship It's not the D ending that's the A tragic part If you'd Bm G get off my shoulders D and sit beside me A we would both be fine
Outro: D C Bm G x4 D (hold)

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