Brother Bryan


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Brother Bryan

	  		C             Am                              G           F 
I said to you on the night that we met, "I am not well      
    C                      Am                         G            F 
Our habits secrete to the sidewalk and street, our civic hell 
   C                       Am                      G          F 
We covet the dark, share a cab to the park and you let me  
         C                       Am                     
Speak of bearings undone, silver hair in the sun 
        G    F           C                       F 
We are only 30% dead and our parents go to sleep early 
C                     F               C                          F            G 
We destroy all of our esteem and the sunlight starts to shine through the trees    

C Am G F x2 

    C                            Am                      G           F 
The noise on this block keeps my mind interlocked and unfastened 
    C                        Am                    G     F 
We struggle shed skin, heavy breath is a deadly assassin 
C                           Am                      G     F 
My sister's eyes flood like rivers or wine in your absence 
C                             Am                     
So we echo each song to which you'd sing along 
G                    F 
A surrogate hymn and we'll sing it again 
C                                   F 
And we'll smoke til our pockets are empty 
G                             F                     
A person cannot live without sleep 
C                                F 
And you can't hold up a story so heavy 
We tell it so rarely 

C                         F 
And in this place I think about you 
C                              F 
The spirits and veins that you run through 
C                         F 
And in this place I think about you 

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