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Capo on 9th fret

D           A                Em        G 
Take my word for it, I'm not worth it 
     D             A                  Em           G 
I ignored you all night and you don't deserve it 
Morning, bathtub, my skin soft and hot 
I was sure you were right but you're not 

  Em                               G 
I contemplate my ruined fate 
                     G                     D 
Someone will hurt me so bad one day 
And you'll resonate or I'll apologize 
Or maybe I'll make the same mistake twice 

D                A               Em             G 
I hide from phone calls under the warm water 
D              A              Em         G 
Malice desists, no it woefully recurs 
And it plays like daytime TV shows, I confuse you 
and I tell you not to love me 
But I still kiss you when I want to 

Em                                 G 
And I lament, you're innocent 
                            D                A 
But somehow the object of my discontent 
                        Em              G 
And it's fucked up, I let you in 
                   D                           A 
Even though I've seen what can happen 

D                A             Em              G 
You make a tape, receive it in the mail 
        D                    A                Em            G 
And I force myself busy, the diversion will prevail 
And I will swallow all my guilt with little pills and forge my chin up 
And I will only think about it in the morning, in the bathtub 

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