Wax Mannequin


Wax Mannequin

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Am           C        F 
Stand by the water thee  
alluring rapid water  
Am            C          F 
someone might see you there  
might see you naked standing 

Dm               Am      
rotten with the thought you run 
Dm                     Am     
hard with the stranger chasing  
F           C 
follows you closely  
F           C 
follows you home you 

stand by the window thee  
lights off a curtain cracked and  
strangers still sear-in  
inspecting nook and cranny  

hide in the chill cellar  
you hear oh wont she find you  
crash from above you  
sounds from above you  

laugh and you cry you laugh  
so frightened laughin'-cryin'  
creaking on wood steps  
earth floor in a tin clavier  

that's where your love gets you  
makes you ashamed and shaken  
tickles and scolds you  
flattens and folds you 

Am      C      F      C 
Dm      Am     F      G 

its arms of your father your  
king and your great creator 
wisdom and cruel power  
cruel as a wayward daughter 

serves you and loves you  
in not but good intention  
serves all of your life  
submit and be righteous 

so blows up my body cuz  
by body souls decides  
board up my window cuz  
who needs a window when it  

storm come at night  
none but the steady moving  
shake on the hinges  
shaking your bones hope 

you make me silent hon 
with your subservient patience 
follow me westward  
back whence the power came  

climb in my body  
fight with my antibody 
power and glory  
showered with stones so  

crouch by the water thee  
alluring rapid water  
baby might see you  
might see your naked cower  

stand up and face her  
shake her with all your power  
follow her closely  
follow her home  


| /   slide up 
| \   slide down 
| h   hammer-on 
| p   pull-off 
| ~   vibrato 
| +   harmonic 
| x   Mute note 
| b   Bend 
| pb  Pre-bend 
| br  Bend release 
| pbr Pre-bend release 
| brb Bend release bend 


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