Warren Zevon


Warren Zevon



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	  		(Dm)    (C)    (Dm)    (C) 

(Dm) I've got a bitter pot of (C)je ne sais quoi. 

(Dm) Guess what, I'm stirring it with a mon(C)key's paw, 

(Bb) Since I saw you coming (A)out of my barber's shop 

(D4) In that (Dm)skimpy little (Am)halter top.  

(Dm) Did you light the candles? Did you (C)put on "Kind of Blue?" 

(Dm) Did you use that Ivy League voodoo (C)on him, too? 

(Bb) He thinks he'll be alright, but he (A)doesn't know for sure, 

Like (D4)every other (Dm)unindicted (Am)coconspirator.  

(F) Mata Hari had a house in (C)France (C/E) 

(Dm) Where she worked on all her (C)secret plans, 

(Bb) Men were falling for her sight (A)unseen. 

She was a (Dm)genius.  (C)    (Dm)    (C)  

There's a a (Dm)face in every window of the (C)Songwriters' Neighborhood, 

(Dm) Everybody's your best friend when you're (C)doing well--I mean good. 

(Bb) The poet who lived next door when (A)you were young and poor 

Grew (D4)up to be a (Dm)backstabbing (Am)entrepreneur.  

(F) Albert Einstein was a (C)ladies' man (C/E) 

(Dm) While he was working on his (C)universal plan. 

(Bb) He was making out like (A)Charlie Sheen, 

He was a (Dm)genius.  

(Bb7) When you dropped me and you (A7) short staked your claim 

(Dm) On a V.I.P. who could (F7)make your name, 

(Bb7)You latched on to him and (A7)short I became 

A minor incon(Dm)venience.  

(Bb7) Your protégé don't (A7) short)care about art, 

(Dm) I'm the one who always told you (F7)you were smart. 

(Bb7)You broke my heart into (A7)short smithereens, 

And that took (Dm)genius. 

(C)    (Dm)    (C)    (Dm)    (C)      (Bb)    (A)    (Dm)  

You and the barber make a (C)handsome pair, 

(Dm) Guess what--I never liked the (C)way he cut your hair. 

(Bb) I didn't like the way he (A)turned your head, 

But there's (D4)nothing I can (Dm)do or say I (Am)haven't done or said.  

(F) Everybody needs a (C)place to stand (C/E) 

(Dm) And a method for their (C)schemes and scams, 

(Bb) If I could only get my (A)record clean 

I'd be a (Dm)genius. 

(C)    (Dm)    (C)    (Dm)    (C)      (Bb)    (A)    (Dm) 

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