Warren Zevon

Frozen Notes

Warren Zevon



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Frozen Notes

	  		(G)Softly (Am)falls the (D)morning (G)rain, 

(Em)Lone(D)li(C)ness comes a(G)round again.  

And I (Am)sit and sing my (D)song, 

Though it (Bm)never seems to (Em)matter, 

And it (Am)never fills the (Em)emptiness in(C)si(G)de.(D7)  

(Bb)Frozen notes hang sus(C)pended (F)in the autumn (C)air 

While (Gm)someone waits for (Bb)someone to come somewhe(F)re. 

(C)No-one waits for (F)me, 

´Cause I thought I wanted (Bb)to be (F)free, 

But (G)now I'm (D)wondering (G)why 

I said good(Am)by(C)e.  

(D)Looking through my (C)window at the (G)dark and troubled (D)sky, 

I (C)think I (D7)see the (C)ship of the (C5)broken-(C)hearted passing (D)by, 

And I (Am)turn away (D)from today to (G)where we (G7)used to (Em)lie,  

And I (G)c(D)r(C)(D)(Em)y,(short hold) 

(C)Yes, (D)I (G)c(D)r(C)(D)(Em)y,(short hold) 

(C)And (D)I (G)c(D)r(C)(D)(Em)y,(short hold) 


(G)Softly (Am)falls the (D)morning (G)rain, 

(Em)Lone(D)li(C)ness comes a(G)round again.  

© Warren Zevon, All Rights Reserved 

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