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I'll Be The One Chords

Warren Haynes

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by tercmoraes

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I'll Be The One

Afinar com Drop D

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|--2-----------------------------------------------------| |--3-----------------------------------------------------| |--2--------7-------7-------------7--7-h-9---------------| |--0-----7--7-h-9-h-7------0--/9--7--7------9----7-h-9-0-| |-----/9----------------9/-------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------| |-5-/-7-/-5---5-/-7---3-/-5-/-3--3---------| |-5-/-7-/-5---5-/-7---3-/-5-/-3--3---------| |------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------7-h-9-0| |------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------| |-----------7-------7-------------7--7-h-9---------------| |--------7--7-h-9-h-7------0--/9--7--7------9----7-h-9-0-| |-----/9----------------9/-------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------| |-5-/-7-/-5------3-/-5-/-3--3---| |-5-/-7-/-5------3-/-5-/-3--3---| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------|
D When your walking down the street G D G I'll be the one, stares like a statue D You turn the corner G D G I'll be the one that follows you downtown D When you finally notice me G D G I'll be the one, fumblin' with his feelings Em G A D G Totally oblivious, to anything, and everything else around D Girl when we meet G D G I'll be the one, that showers you with attention D To win your love G D G I'll fight to the very end D When you treat me like a fool G D G I'll be the one, that doesn't need redemption Em yeah, drive me away G A D I'll keep coming back, again and again A Bm G I'll be the rain, If you want me to be A Bm G help you to grow, with no guarantees A Bm G even be the clown, sad but true Em C don't use me up, I'll be the one, that used to worship you D when silence fills your world G D G I'll be the one, that knows what your thinking D and when passion burns like fire G D G I'll be the one, Bathing in the light D and when the curse, the curse of darkness falls G D G I'll be the one that offers a candle Em G A D and I'll even be the cushion, of things that go crazy in the night A D

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