The Hearse


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The Hearse

D5:  X57XXX 
F#5: X24XXX 
G#5: X46XXX 
E5:  02XXXX 


D5  F#5  G#5  E5 

D5                F#5 
nobody saw, oh nobody saw 

     G#5             E5 
what johnny saw 

D5                 F#5 
nobody thought, oh nobody thought 

     G#5             E5 
what johnny thought 

D5               F#5 
nobody knows, oh nobody knows 

     G#5           E5 
what johnny knows 

      D5         F#5 
only johnny knows 

     G#5          E5 
what i have done 

no idea what the rest of the lyrics are, but the chords continue the same 

one of the fills goes like this 
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E|-----------5-----------7-----------5--------------| B|--7--5--7-----7--5--7-----7--5--7-----7--5--7-----| G|-----------------------------------------------6--| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------|

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