Walker Brothers

Love Her

Walker Brothers



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Love Her

Key:  D7 More
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Love Her Key G#7G#7
	  		Love Her  
Intro:  G  D  Em  D  C  D  Gsus2 G Gsus2 G 

D7 C         D7                C 
   Love her, and tell her each day  
D7                 C              D7                  
That girl needs to know, tell her so  
         C          D7         G 
Tell her everything I couldn't say 
           Bm              Em               G 
Like she's warm, and she's sweet, and she's fine  
       C        D7                 G    D  Em  D  C  D  Gsus2 G Gsus2 G 
Whoah, love her like I should have done  

And hold her, and show her you care  
When her world is blue, see her through  
Any time that she needs you, be there  
By her side, be the guy, that I couldn't be  
And love her like I should have done  
Please, love her, love her for me  

Repeat verse 2  

by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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