Wade Hayes

I Still Do

Wade Hayes

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I Still Do

E                                B 
Last night when I touched you it brought back memories 
       A                            B 
Of the way it felt the first time I held you close to me 
E                                 B 
I gave you my heart and swore I'd always love you 
    A B     E 
And I still do 

E                         B 
And when I closed my eyes you were waiting there 
A                                  B 
Standing in the moonlight with the wind in your hair 
E                                  B 
You said there would come a time I wouldn't dream of you 
    A B     E 
But I still do 

            C#m                       B 
And I still wake up every morning and I thank God above 
        C#m                             B 
That of all the people on this earth he gave me you to love 
C#m                         B              A 
Don't you know my heart and soul belong to you 
  A          B 
I swear it's true 

E                                   B 
So when you ask if I still need you after all this time 
          A                        B 
I can't believe that thought would ever cross your mind 
E                      B 
The answer's so simple I just thought you knew 

A B     E 
I still do 
A B     E 
I still do 

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