Vertical Horizon


Vertical Horizon

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Key:  F#m More
Miracle Key C#mC#m
Miracle Key DmDm
Miracle Key D#mD#m
Miracle Key EmEm(one step down)
Miracle Key FmFm(half step down)
Miracle Key F#mF#m(original key)
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Miracle Key CmCm
	  		    F#m  F#m (reg)   E    D    A  
e  -0-     -2-       -0-  -0-  -0-  
b  -0-     -2-       -0-  -3-  -0-  
g  -2-     -2-       -1-  -2-  -2-  
d  -4-     -4-       -2-  -0-  -2-  
a  -4-     -4-       -2-  -x-  -0-  
E  -x-     -2-       -0-  -x-  -x-  
Nota: F#m para os verbos, F#m (regular) para os chorus.  
F#m, E, D, E (twice)  
F#m                  E                F#m                  E  
It's taken much too long, to get it right would it be so wrong?  
             D                 E  
To maybe find someone, a miracle  
F#m            E         F#m                       E  
All you really need, is everything you could never be  
              D                   E  
And so you give it all, for a miracle,  
F#m E D E Is there a trace, inside your face, of a lonely miracle? F#m E D E And so you wait, and lie awake, for a lonely mircale
Bridge: A E F#m E All you wanted was a, all you needed was a miracle, a miracle. A E F#m E D E All you wanted was a, all you needed was a miracle, a miracle _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Vilker Gregory([email protected])

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