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	  		Intro: E C D E 

E            D  
We found a place to be 
So far from despondency 
But you found a thousand ways 
C            B 
To shadow up my face 

Your kisses turned from hot to cold 
And I felt - like a centerfold 
Cheap 'n' nasty - with dirty men 
Lookin' for love that they never will get 

E Sitting in the dark just feeling low C I'm ruined to the heart - I'm on the road D E To nowhere - to nowhere If you wanna lie to me again C There is a rotten place they call the end D E Just go there - and stay there Liar! C D E oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh Liar! C D E oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh - oh oh oh oh
E D You took a quick escape E But left your lies in perfect shape D As long as my memories live C B I never will - forgive ya E So if we meet - somewhere tonight D You'd better - be set to fight C In the darkness - of missing stars B You won't see me but you'll feel me inside {Chorus} E The winds of change - blow through my soul D And the warlords try to take control C I will never rely on you B And the pain will hit you sham on you by /juhguns ;)

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