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	  		verse 1 

D                     F         
I once knew a man who learned such a thing 
C                             D 
Cut off his hand to spite his ring 
D                    F         
He poisoned the well to spite the frogs 
C                D 
Put down his son to spite the dog 
D                    F         
He cut out his sleep to spite his dreams 
C                      D 
Picked all the flowers to spite the bees 
D                      F         
He burned his bible to spite the Lord 
C                                   D 
Took a day off to lick his wounds I heard him swear,  
D                     F         
"Life is such a wretched affair 
C                        D 
I'm gonna hold my breath to spite the air" 

verse 2 

D                     F         
He drained the canal to spite the fish 
C                             D 
Flooded the land to spite the bridge 
D                     F         
He dug up the hills to spite the sky 
C                             D 
Tore out his tongue to spite the lies 
D                     F         
He cut down the trees to spite the shade 
C                             D 
Laid her to rest to spite the life they'd made 
D                     F         
He burned his his bible to spite the Lord 
C                             D 
Took a day off to lick his wounds I heard him swear,  
D               F         
"Life is such a cursed affair 
I'm gonna hold my breath, No, I'm gonna stop breathing                         
To spite the air" 

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