Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep

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Year: 1990 - Album: Magician's Birthday

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C               G    F}	               Am 
It's raining outside, but that's not unusual 
C                    G       F          Am   G 
but the way that I'm feeling's becoming usual 
F                 G 
I guess you could say 
    C                  Am 
the clouds are moving away... 
G         Gsus G         F7   C 
away from your days, and into mine 
{short piano solo over chords:  C  Bb  Ab  C 
C                F     G             Am 
Now it's raining inside and that's a shame 
C        F            G          Am   G 
and it's getting to me...a happy man 
F               G       C            Am                        
Why would would want to waste all my time? 
G       Gsus G          F7   C 
The world is yours, but I am mine 
C           F 
Rain, rain, rain 
in my tears 
C         F 
measuring carefully 
my years 
C             F 
shame, shame, shame 
G     Bm7 
in my mind 
Eb              Bb         C 
see what you've done to my life 
Contribuição: Rodrigo Zioli([email protected]) 


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