Uriah Heep


Uriah Heep



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Year: 2001 - Album: High and Mighty

	  		C Eb Bb G 
C               Bb                Ab       Bb 
I just lay down wonderin' what to lay down 
C            Bb          Ab      Bb 
Lately I can do it every day undisturbed 
  D                     C                Bb  G F 
I think I know what but I can't find out how 
C                  Bb                  Ab    B  
The morning didn't show me what it was worth  

Miles and miles of smiles, getting me nowhere 
Opportunities I just can see 
You can't lead me to the slaughter 'cause I'll already be there 
I've been up that street and I know what's waiting for me 
Just waiting! 

Bb Fm 
Bb   Fm 
Moon bright! 
Bb       Fm 
Day into day! 
Bb                Fm 
No escape, I must stay! 

Bb        C           Dm 
Midnight, show me the way! 
            G                         Dm 
Show me the way, give me something to play 
             G        E                    F 
Something to play, to help me face the new day! 

C Bb Ab Bb D C F F7 

        Bb         F        Ab       Eb 
Take me out of the darkness into the light 
        Bb               F     Ab          Eb 
I've no friends to stand by me here in the night 
F#      C#          F#            C#   
It's an affair of a sad and weary heart 
        F#         G#                   C# 
Take me out of the darkness back to the start! C#7 

D#m A# 
F# C# F# C# F# G# A# 

C Eb Bb G 


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