Uriah Heep

Free Me

Uriah Heep

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Free Me

Year: 1977 - Album: Innocent Victim

Key:  D More
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	  		  D        Bm  
Free me, free me 
Why won't you free me 
Free me from your spell 
Come on and free me 
Why won't you free me 
Come on and free me 
Free me from your spell 

Why should I worry 
That you might not love me 
You're not the only love  
That I've ever had 
Your sweet memory 
Will always comfort me 
     G                      A 
So why should I be feeling sad 

As far as I can tell 
You knew so well 
I was always 
At the end of the line 
I've loved you as much 
As any man can 
But not enough 
To make you mine 

 G        F#m  Em 
So long, easy rider 
             C        G     D  
I know I'll miss you for awhile 
But sooner or later 
A                 Bm 
I know that I'll forget you 

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