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Dark sky Chords

Trouble Shooting Simon

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by blitzzkrieg

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Dark sky

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  		Cm          Cm2 
Lay it on thick now 
      E7          F              F  
blow hard and talk big ?bout your catch  
    As           G 
congratulate yourself 
Cm               F  
show off your success      
     G#       G       
just bend the facts 
        Cm         Cm2  
there's no good in crying 
     E7s      F            F 
just put on a smile and be cool 
     As               G 
it's hard to face the truth  
   Cm           F 
so cover up the wound  
         As                   Bes      Cm 
and keep trying to paint your dark sky blue  
           Esm           Besm 
and you're going all the way 
        Esm         Besm 
running faster everyday 
       Asm              Besm 
it's a hell of a job to try 
             B       (C#)      
to keep your mind occupied 
    Cm          Cm2 
now work the illusion 
    E7          F            F 
and keep up that smooth masquerade  
    As             G 
you must avoid the shame  
   Cm          F 
of ever losing face  
   G#       G 
so play the game 
        Cm          Cm2 
and you don't wanna lay  
         Es7          F         F 
all your cards on the table too soon  
      As              G 
just hide it like you do 
        Cm          F 
keep it safe in you cocoon 
         As                   Bes      Cm   Cm2  Esm  Besm  Esm  Besm 
and keep trying to paint your dark sky blue  
              B                C# 
it's not your fault you had no choice  
      B                          C# 
after all you're the one who has suffered the most  
          Esm                   C# 
so you're waging you war it's a madman's fight  
     Esm                     C# 
you stumble you fall you can barely survive  
    B              Besm 
you fire at random too blind to see  
          Am                    Cm  Cm2  E7  F  F             
don't you worry ?bout the casualties  
F                      Cm 
i just hoped that this time  
Cm                         G 
you would sing a different tune  
Cm               F 
i've been such a fool  
             As                   Bes       Cm  Cm2  E7  F  F,A    G  Cm  F 
you're still trying to paint your dark sky blue 
As                   Bes      Cm 
trying to paint your dark sky blue... 
don't play this as chords; Cm  Cm2  E7  F  F,  
Cm  c-g-c, 
Cm2  d-g-c, 
E7  es-g-d, 
F  f-c-es-f, 


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