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She's Mine Chords

Trinity James

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She's Mine

	  :C, G x3 
(verse 1) 
C                  G 
My Baby She don't own no car 
C                         G 
jumped in her pick-up and went to the bar 
C                              G                          D 
She never stops at stop signs always goes through red lights 
C                            G 
Well She Ain't Your Average Girl Indeed 
C              G       
Knocks any guy off their feet 
C                  G                  D    
And i'm a lucky one 'cause she loves me 
She's Gonna... 
C                      G 
Put her arms around me, Press her lips to mine 
C                      G 
Dance on The Table and Show'em that your fine 
C                         G 
We'll party all night til' the sun come comes up 
D  C           G    
Oooh She's Mine 
(verse 2) 
C                 G 
Girl don't go to bed at night 
C                     G 
She'll Party til' the mornin' light 
C                       G                    D 
She's shakin' it to the left and to the right 
C                G 
Well I no that she loves me 
C                G 
'Cause she told me to believe  
C                   G          D 
We were meandt to be her and me 
She's Gonna.... 
D C D C            G 
Oooooooh She's Mine 
D C D C D C D C         G 
Oooooooooooooh She's Mine  


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