Trinity Christian Centre


Trinity Christian Centre

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G              C 
You knew me before time began 
G                              C 
When all my pain is nailed through your hands 
G                                              C 
Your thoughts towards me, you weighed all those sins 
Em                    D 
I come to you, did what I can 
                   G                          D 
Bring Your healing into my body 
                    Em                             C 
Cleanse me Lord and make me whole 
                              G                  D 
I place my whole life in Your strong arms 
                  Em                  C 
Bring Your peace to my soul 
G                                 C 
You sent your word to heal every disease 
G                                 C 
You sent your spirit and gave me peace 
G                                     C 
So I call on your name I know that you?re in me 
Em                        D 
O my God, come set me free 
Em                        C 
Come in power, come and heal 
G                           D 
Nothing broken, nothing missing 
Em                                     C 
By your stripes that the blind can see 
G                                           D 
Covered by devotion and Calvary 
Em                                       C 
The dead will rise and the mute will speak 
G                                  D 
Because of you broken hearts will be  

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