Tribo de Jah

Babylon System

Tribo de Jah

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Babylon System

Intro: (G C G C)
G                    C
  In this time of confusion   
G                               C
  Bad vibes flowing all over the world   
G                      C
  How could I think of happiness   
G                        C
  Seeing reality getting worse   
D                             C
  Everyday Jah?s children are dying   
Slaughtered by hunger and illness   
Everywhere Jah?s children are suffering   
Abandoned by the system   
That Babylon system   
        G        C
Babylon system   Babylon system
Bm                     Am
  In this time it?s so hard to find true reason to live,   
Em                                                 C
  Don?t trouble your mind with the things that you hear and you see,   
Bm                 Am
  See Jah firt, in every, every, everything   
            Em                                 C
And don?t forget to fight for our brothers and sisters   
                 G                C
Abandoned by the system   Babylon system
That Babylon system,   
Babylon system   
             G      C
That Babylon system.      

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