Travis Cottrell

I Am Persuaded

Travis Cottrell

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I Am Persuaded

	  		I am Persuaded 
David Moffitt Sue C. Smith Travis Cottrell 

verse 1 
      F                   F 
I believe Your love is faithful 
        F                         Bb    C 
When all your hopes have crumbled 
F                         F 
It is standing strong and able 
        Gm      Bb          C 
When everything else fails 
       Gm       C             F            C 
I believe your love will cover me in every storm 
I am persuaded 

F Bb Nothing in life nothing in death F C No mountain high no ocean depth Dm Bb Am No power below on earth or above Gm C F Can separate me from your love
verse 2 F F I believe beyond a shadow F F You never will forsake me F F And your love endures forever Am Bb C When all my strength is gone Gm C F I believe your love will carry me C And hold me close Bb I am persuaded

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